Student Success and Retention

Welcome, thank you for visiting the Student Success and Retention Office Public Website. In this office website you will find student-related tools from coaching, tutoring, academic support, and much more.

The Office of Student Success and Retention supports the success of undergraduate students through academic monitoring and outreach to students, faculty, and staff. Our office works closely with all undergraduate academic divisions, student services, and the student body to promote academic and social success.

The Office of Student Success and Retention oversees the following:

  • Daily review of all Canvas Dropout Detective alerts and the dissemination of alerts to the proper Widener University faculty or staff member.
  • Monitor the Widener University Early Assessment program at the sixth week of both the fall and spring semesters. The Early Assessment program aims at identifying high-risk freshmen. These at-risk indicators could be academic, social, or financial.
  • Evaluate programming and outreach methods at the end of each semester through retention rates and reporting of concerns by faculty and staff.

Concerned About a Student?

Contact the Widener CARE Team, a central network of community members focused on caring, prevention, and early intervention for students experiencing serious distress or engaging in harmful or disruptive behaviors.

Use the CARE Team Reporting Form to make a referral!