Frequently Asked Questions 

I want an academic coach, how do I sign up?

To request an academic coach please visit the Office of Student Success (528 E. 14th Street) or complete the form below!

Click here! Academic Coach Request Form

I need tutoring but I do not know where to go?

Check out Tutoring Services webpage and sign up for tutoring HERE!

I have failed an exam and I am behind on a few assignments, what should I do?

There are a few options you could explore in order to get support. First, you should go to your professor’s office hours to discuss your grades, to review assignments and obtain additional support. After meeting/communicating with your professor, you could explore possibly getting a tutor and an academic coach.

I am overwhelmed with classes and don’t know what to do.

Stop by 528 E. 14th St. location to sign up for an academic coach. When you meet with an academic coach, you can learn techniques such as stress management, time management and much more that will help to reduce feelings of being overwhelmed.