Coping During COVID

Check out some FREE resources for coping with COVID-19 stress.

Quarantine Chat

Get paired with another person that is at home to have a phone conversation about anything!

Guide To Living With Worry And Anxiety Amidst Global Uncertainty – Psychology Tools

E-book Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for COVID

Mindfulness Exercise for Stress and Anxiety

Tips for Coping with COVID Stress: CDC


Intimate Partner Relationships in Times of Crisis with Lenore Walker, Ed.D.

Mind Matters

COVID Quarantine in an Unsupportive Environment

Pandemic Project

Dr. James Pennebaker’s work on the positive effects of expressive writing when dealing with trauma – and the increased physical health and emotional well-being he found that follows writing. Pandemic Project, offering a free, anonymous and confidential resource about COVID19.  The Pandemic Project provides everyone with an expressive writing tool that may have terrific preventative and healing potential for each of us concerned about this unparalleled event that threatens our physical and emotional health.