Hardcopy Forms
680 Application
**Petitioning to graduate is submitted electronically through WedAdvisor under Academic Profile. Please read the information included
CHSS Leave of Absence Form
Used to request time off, for any reason including medical condition(s), with the intent of returning to the program.
CHSS Registration Form
Name_Gender_Address Change Information
Petition for Change of Advisor
Petition to Participate Commencement Form
Used by MEd students only.
PhD Students – Application to Graduate with MEd
Used by PhD students to add MEd as an active program for graduation petitioning purposes.
Preferred Name Request Form
Request for Incomplete
Stayton Fund Conference Assistance Application
CHSS students presenting at a conference may be reimbursed up to $100 to defray costs.
Withdrawal Form
Used in lieu of dismissal with no intent of returning to the program.

Electronic Forms
Course Conflict Form
CHSS Student Disposition Form
Request Repeat Registration for HSED 903 and HSED 930
CHSS Student Appeals Form
CHSS Advising Ticket