Exploratory Studies

Unsure of what to major in when you come to Widener? We are here to help you make that decision!

Exploratory Studies (ES) is a program designed to meet the needs of students like you that are undecided about a major. It is normal not to have chosen a major upon entering college. ES allows students to explore many academic major options.

Many students who enroll in college with a major often change their major at least once. Why not start exploring now?!

The Exploratory Studies program uses specialty advising as a way to help students stay on track for graduation. Most ES academic advisors are full-time ES staff who work for the Office of Student Success. ES academic advisors have knowledge of all of the colleges’ curriculum ladders and general education requirements and have been trained to work with undecided students.

Most students remain in ES for one to two semesters and then make a decision to declare a major. Students can find out more information about various majors by meeting with their academic advisor, Career Design and Development, reviewing the Undergraduate Catalog, or meeting with various faculty/deans in academic departments.

For more information, please call 610-499-1266.