On Campus Support for International Students

International Students have access to a number of services on campus to help them succeed at Widener:

  • The Writing Center is open to all students and can assist with all phases of the writing process: Old Main Annex, 610-499-4332.
  • Undergraduate students can get an Academic coach to help them manage their time and adapt to the American classroom: Pineapple House, 610-499-1193.
  • Tutoring Services are available to all undergraduate students for many academic courses: Pineapple House, 610-499-1266.
  • The Math Center is available for all undergraduate students for help with Math courses: ACN 273, 610-499-1253.
  • The Wolfgram Library provides much more than books! There are workshops, quiet places to study, and reference librarians to help you in your research: 610-499-4073.
  • The Career Design and Development Office can help you decide on a career and give you the tools to land your first job: 526 E. 14th Street, 610-499-4176.
  • Student Health Services is available for all Widener students and can assist with health concerns and questions about the medical insurance all international students receive: Metropolitan Lane, 610-499-1183. For more information on how medical insurance in the US works, watch this video on the US Healthcare System
  • The Counseling Center is available for all Widener students and can assist with mental and emotional wellness and culture shock: 19th & Walnut Streets, 610-499-1261. For more information on taking care of your mental health, watch this video on Mental Health Awareness
  • The Interfaith Sacred Space is open to the Widener community as a place to pray, meditate, and worship: University Center, Lower Level.
  • Disabilities Services is available for all Widener students who need classroom accommodations: 520 East 14th Street,  610-499-1266
  • Information Technology Services (ITS) provides technology support for the Widener Community: 610-499-1047.
  • The Pride Recreation Center can help you stay active and fit with gym equipment, fitness classes, and sporting events: 17th Street and Melrose Avenue, 610-499-132.
  • The Office of Student Engagement connects students with clubs on campus and provides activities for students: Lower Level University Center, 610-499-4411.
  • The Enrollment Services team can help you register for classes, pay your bill, set up a payment plan, request a transcript or obtain an enrollment letter: Lipka Hall, 610-499-4161.
  • Campus Safety keeps the University community safe and provides a shuttle service. They are also open 24 hours a day for any emergency: Old Main, 610-499-4200.
  • Widener University is committed to equality and freedom from all forms of discrimination and harassment through the University’s Title IX Office. For more information watch this video on understanding and preventing Sexual Assault