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SACM Change of Major
SACM Degree Plan
SACM Extension
SACM Online Course
SACM Online Verification Course
Transfer Course Authorization Form

We have new forms for SACM processes:

  1. Please see your academic adviser and use the forms linked above if you are requesting to take an online course, change your major, transfer in a course from another university, or extend your financial guarantee (different from extending your I-20). Your adviser can also help you if you need a degree plan.
  2. See Lipka hall for all transcript, diploma, and course registration issues as well as for a Statement of Current Academic Status which they call a Student Enrollment Verification.  Also make sure Lipka has a current financial guarantee for you.
  3. To take a class at another university, in addition to the Transfer Course Authorization Form from Widener, the other university will also have to provide: the start and end date of the class, the term, credits, and whether it is face to face or online.
  4. If you need anything else, please show the university personnel a printed screenshot from the SACM portal showing what information is needed (in English).

Please be aware of the following policies:

  1. If you drop below full time or withdrawal, you are responsible for payment as SACM will not pay for any classes you do not complete. If SACM already paid, they will ask for a refund and a hold will be placed on your account until you pay.
  2. You MUST have permission from SACM in advance to change your major, drop below full time or take an online course. Do NOT wait until after classes start and SACM asks you for documentation. You are supposed to request everything in advance.
  3. You cannot take classes that don’t count toward your degree.
  4. If you refuse to comply with a university faculty/administrator, miss excessive classes, become out of sequence, are dismissed etc., ISS will inform SACM, as this is required by SACM.