Got Cable ???

Please remember, Comcast/Xfinity includes the cable that goes from the cable box to your TV. They do not include the cable that goes from the cable box to the outlet. While it is the responsibility of the student to provide that cable, you may submit a work order requesting that cable. We sometimes pick up a few used ones from student rooms at the end of the year. If we have any, we are happy to provide it, but please understand these are extremely limited and usually gone quickly.

Cable – Instructions & Trouble Shooting:

  • Connect the shorter coax cable from the cable box to your TV.
  • Connect the longer coax cable from wall outlet to cable box (INPUT)
  • Connect power cord to cable box & plug in.
  • Turn on your TV. Set on channel 4.
  • Press the input button on your TV. When provided with choices choose TV.
  • Make sure switch on back of cable box is on 4.
  • Do you have a steady green light? If so, your cable box should be activated.
  • Hit setup on cable remote. It should take you through the steps to get activated.

If it’s a no-go, here’s what you do:

  1. Submit a work order through the Widener Work Order system & we will try to assist you as soon as we are able. Understand that the first weeks of the semester are our highest volume periods.
  2. You may choose to call Comcast at 1-855-638-2855
  3. Tell them this is a BULK ACCOUNT
  4. When prompted for a zip code press 19013
  5. When prompted for an account name tell them: WIDENER UNIVERSITY
  6. Be prepared to provide the Service Tech with the Serial Number located on the bottom of the cable box.
  7. The Service Tech can then activate the box or guide you through troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue.
  8. Service tech having trouble finding the account? Asking for account number? Explain that we are under Bulk Accounts, account name: Widener University.