Widener Work Order System (SchoolDude)

Widener Work Order System (SchoolDude)

To create a work order:
• Log in to MyWidener
• Type Maintenance
• Click on School Dude Work Order
• You will next see a white screen asking you for your e‐mail address.
• Type in your e‐mail address.
• If you are a new requester, you will be asked for your last name.
• You will next see the following message:
Please select your name from the list below or select the not listed option.

• Click on the appropriate option.
• If you are a new user, you will be directed to a page where you will provide your first and last name, and a phone contact. When completed, click on SUBMIT.
• After clicking on SUBMIT, you will be taken to a page titled:

Welcome to the Widener Work Order System.

This is where you will input the information necessary to get a work order submitted.

Step 1should be completed for you. This lists your name, e‐mail & phone contact information. See below
Step 1. Please be yourself, click here if you are not Jane Widener.
First Name Last Name Email
Jane Widener jwidener@widener.edu
Phone Pager Mobile Phone
Step 2 – Select Location. Be aware there are two Kapelskis on campus, Kapelski Learning Center and Kapelski Residence Hall. Be sure to select the proper building if you have a request involving one of these buildings.

• Building
• Area
• Area/Room Number
Yes, remember my area entries for my next new request entry.

Step 3. Select Problem Type:
Maintenance Help Desk: Click on the problem type below that best describes your issue.
• Alarm
• Carpentry
• Electrical
• Elevators
• Fire Alarm System
• Fire Extinguishers
• Grounds
• Heating/Ventilation /AirConditioning
• Housekeeping
• Key and Lock
• Moving
• Painting
• Pest Control
• Plumbing
• Roof
• Special Projects
• Sprinkler System
• Washer/Dryer
Step 4 – please describe your problem or request.
Step 5 – please list the time available for Maintenance.
Step 6 – select purpose. Does Maintenance or other service personnel have permission to enter the area for the purposes of resolving your problem or completing your request. If so, choose: PERMISSION to ENTER – YES
Step 7 – submittal password. You will need a password in order to submit your work order. The ingenious password we have devised for you is: widener
Forgot Password?
Step 8 – Click on SUBMIT. You are done.

Important Notes:
• EMERGENCIES – It is still important that emergencies get called in to Campus Safety at x4200 (e.g.: fire, flooding, sizzling wires, imminent catastrophe, etc.)
• Anyone – student, faculty, or staff member – may submit a work order
• It takes only a few moments to submit a work order online.
• Approximately 10,000 work orders are completed annually.

Some Advantages of the work order system:
• Staff check the work order system often throughout the day.
• Instantaneous directing of work orders is done to facilitate a prompt response.
• The work order system eliminates mistakes that can occur in listening to phone messages (bad phone line, misinterpretation of the spoken word).
• Enables tracking of work from start to finish.
• You will be notified with a receipt of your request.
• You will be notified when your request has been completed.
• You will be notified when your work order has been closed.
• You will be notified if your request has been declined.

Who Does What?

• Recycling and/or shredding requests are assigned to the Movers.

•Confidential document removal are also assigned to the Movers.

• Key & lock issues are assigned to the Campus Locksmith, and include the doorknob, door lock, deadbolt, and receiving plate.

• Other door issues are properly routed to the Carpenters.

• Pest control services are provided on Tuesdays and Thursdays, via an outside contractor.

• Washer/dryer issues are routed to Residence Life, who coordinates repairs with an outside contractor. Washer/dryer issues involving Dixon Hall or one of the University’s off‐campus properties go to the Electricians.

• Refrigeration issues other than University Center & Marriott Dining Room go to HVAC.

• Cable box issues are handled through the work order system under Cabling.

Please Note: Ethernet issues are to be submitted as a Help Desk ticket through ITS. Maintenance does not handle.