Note-Taking Assistance

Note-taking assistance can look vastly different from student to student. The decision on which method to use depends on the student’s needs as it relates to their diagnosis. Each time we use this accommodation it is to address a need the student has to fill in potential gaps in their own note taking process.

Peer Note-taker: When using a peer note-taker, our office will contact all of the students in the course to ask for a volunteer. An email is sent to the students (blind-copied) with the professor carbon-copied. Once a student volunteers, they deliver their notes to our office either digitally or in hard copy and we ensure the student with a disability has access to them.

Audio recording of lectures: Students typically will use applicationss on their phone or a device provided by Disabilities Services to record the lecture in verbatim.

Audio recording with access to a Livescribe Pen: Our office has begun to utilize an assistive technology device, a Livescribe Pen, to help students with disabilities. Livescribe Pens record audio while the student scribes notes. As a result, the student then has access to audio that is synced to their notes to be able to fill in gaps at a later time. That audio and the notes taken are then able to be uploaded to a computer for further use.

Access to a word processor during lecture: Students sometimes require the ability to type their notes to be able to fully access lecture materials. A student with this accommodation will provide their own computer.