Test Taking Accommodations

Image of a testing scantron and pencil

There are a number of accommodations that our office may approve to a student to ensure equal access. These accommodations are approved based on documentation that suggests clearly that a student may not be able to present their capabilities appropriately in a given testing format. These accommodations can include:

  • Extended time on exams: typically 50% or 100% additional time compared to standard exams in the classroom.
  • Distraction reduced setting for exams: A separate setting with limited distractions.
  • Reader for Exams: Our office provides either technology that reads a test audibly or an actual person who will read the test out loud verbatim.
  • Access to a word processor for exams: Student requires the ability to type short answer or essay responses.
  • Enlargement: Student requires either an enlarged copy of the exam or access to technology that will magnify exam. We will typically give specifications when this is necessary.
  • Exemption from scantron use: Often students with this accommodation will either directly circle/scribe the answer on the exam packet or dictate answers to our staff to fill the scantron.

Please note, this is not an exhaustive list. For any of these accommodations, our office is willing to proctor exams for our students to provide accessible exams. We proctor exams in our testing center at 520 E 14th Street. For more information on this service, please see the below Frequently Asked Questions about Test Proctoring at Disabilities Services.