Fees & Eligibility

There is no charge to students for basic medical services provided by university personnel in the Student Health Center. There are charges for prescription medication, lab tests, immunizations/injections, women’s health visits, and specific medical equipment.

These charges can be billed to the student’s school account or paid for in full by the student with either cash or a personal check. Widener University will not directly bill any third party insurance company for these charges but will provide any required information for students and/or parents to submit charges to an insurance company. Services performed outside the Health Center are the financial responsibility of the student.

No student will be refused care due to an inability to pay at time of care.


All full-time undergraduate resident and commuting students; all graduate and part-time students. Please note online ONLY students are not eligible for services.

Please call Student Health Services at 610-499-1183 for a list of our services and prices.