Office of the Provost – Curriculum Guide

This curriculum guide is for faculty and program directors to assist in managing and changing curriculum for programs and courses they oversee.

    Curriculog, the curriculum approval platform that went live in 2020-2021, is the first place or starting point for changes and additions requested for the electronic catalog, student planning, admissions, and website.

    If a unit wants to launch a new program (undergraduate major, graduate program, minor or a certificate that crosses multiple colleges/schools) in a fall term, it is recommended that you complete your unit and college/school reviews to submit to Faculty Council Academic Affairs Committee by September of the previous academic year. For programs seeking a Spring semester launch, program proposals should be submitted to Faculty council Academic Affairs for review no later than January 15 of the previous academic year. The speed with which programs are reviewed and approved by Faculty Council Academic Affairs Committee will depend on the number of proposals in the queue at any given time.

    Units are strongly encouraged to use the resources available on this Widener Curriculum Development Website. To ensure the proposal adheres fully to the proposal template use the guidelines in the Curriculum Process or Resources Tab above.

    PLEASE NOTE that Curriculog is the starting point for ALL curriculum actions. It connects to the University website, program pages, undergraduate and graduate catalogs, student planning, and Colleague and Slate systems. Start any curriculum updates (new or changing) with Curriculog first to begin the change process for all other system sites!

What is Curriculog?
Curriculog is a series of forms for adding, modifying, and deactivating programs and courses. The academic sponsor (faculty member or Program Director who is in charge of the program) should audit their program’s entries in the catalog, student planning and the website on a regular basis for accuracy. The academic sponsor is responsible for entering all proposals in Curriculog for the programs they oversee by April 30th of the current academic year. Once a proposal is approved by the academic sponsor, it is guided into the queues of College/School/University personnel who are responsible for approving the type of change requested. Curriculog mirrors but does not replace or change the curriculum approval process for each school/college.

What changes should I put in Curriculog?
If any change that has been previously approved but still does not appear in Student Planning or the Catalog, a proposal requesting the change must be entered in Curriculog by April 30th to be included in the next year’s catalog, website, and student planning.

    • Separate proposals are needed for each course change and each program change (majors, certificates, certifications, specializations, minors, degree programs).
    • If a course number or prefix has changed, a separate proposal must be submitted with a request to change the course number/prefix in each PROGRAM it appears due to limitations in each system.
    • If a new program is being proposed, then a New Program PREPROPOSAL form must be entered and approved in Curriculog before a new program form can be entered.
    • If a non-credit program is being proposed, please use the Non-Credit/WiLL form in Curriculog.

Where do the changes I put in Curriculog go?
Once a proposal is fully approved in Curriculog, the appropriate administrators for the catalog, student planning, website, and admissions are notified. Changes that are requested in the current academic year and entered in Curriculog by April 30th will only be made to the upcoming academic year’s draft catalog which is directly accessed by the university website for curriculum for prospective students. Changes approved in Curriculog can be made in real time to student planning. Additionally, academic sponsors should meet with the web design team to update any website they are responsible for. Graduate and Undergraduate Admissions Offices should be notified by the Academic Sponsor if there are any changes needed for the application process.


    • In the Curriculog Link above are resources and links to Curriculog.
    • You can find the link to login to Curriculog on MyWidener (sign in first) under Faculty Services or search Curriculog. The login for Curriculog is:
    • On the MyWidener Curriculog Page is the link to Curriculog and a directory of resources including cheat sheets and videos.
    • Contact Deann Lichtenstein at if you have further questions about how to enter a proposal in Curriculog or would like additional training.
    • Each school/college has a Curriculog Liaison that also may answer questions about Curriculog.


    • All changes to courses or requirements listed in the catalog need to be entered and approved in Curriculog by April 30th of the current academic year to appear in the next academic year catalog.
    • All changes to TEXT about the school/college/department or program that is listed in the catalog must be sent to for updating by April 30th to appear in the next academic year catalog.


    • All changes to student planning listings need to be entered and approved in Curriculog by April 30th in the current academic year for the following academic year.


    •The academic program requirements on the program website are pulled from the Curriculog System.
    •Though the web design team is notified when there is a change to a program and course, it is the responsibility of the academic sponsor to meet with the team to ensure the website is updated appropriately.
    • Send all corrections or updates to
    • If you are requesting a new Website for a new program, please begin the design process by filling out a form available at: