Extension on Assignments

An image of a typewriter and hands typing.

While not a common accommodation, there are cases in which a student’s disability may unpredictably impact their ability to meet a deadline. This is usually a result of a flare-up of symptoms that can incapacitate the student. To use this accommodations, we do ask that students:

  • Notify faculty as soon as feasible to request an extension
  • Suggest an alternative deadline
  • Copy disabilities services on the notification to keep us updated

Additionally, it is important to know that, for longer term projects, faculty can ask to see any current progress the student has made on the assignment.

If you have any concerns around the use of this accommodation, please contact our office. Please do not ask for a doctor’s note or hospital documentation. For many of these students, their diagnosis is chronic and flare-ups happen regularly. Many people in that situation do not seek medical attention for every flare-up of symptoms. If a student has this accommodation, it is because our office has seen thorough documentation from their medical professionals around the severity and frequency of symptoms and impacts. We do not ask our student to disclose their personal health information outside our office for use of an accommodation.