Our Mission

The Center for Civic and Global Engagement bridges together experiential learning through local and international programs that foster making a difference in the lives of others in the community and the world. We aim to empower, encourage, promote, and foster our students to lead lives as engaged global citizens, intercultural leaders, and socially responsible community members.


We support Widener University values of respect, integrity, and excellence as we work locally and globally to become engaged global leaders in our community.

Civic Engagement focuses on citizenship, social justice, and training students to be civic leaders, equipping students with the necessary skills to become more personally and culturally aware leaders, and building a collaborative campus community which strengthens partnerships within the Chester community.

Global Engagement focuses on internationalizing learning in and outside of the classroom, student mobility, faculty global engagement, and strengthening global partnerships.


Center for Civic & Global Engagement Helps Students Make Community Connections Locally and Abroad

Whether students seek participation in programs focused on fostering support in the Chester community, or whether they seek the adventure of studying abroad in Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, or Central America and other parts of the world – the adventure and leadership opportunities are endless. Students also have the opportunity to study “away” in the U.S. at universities across the country, and including Guam, the Caribbean, and Canada to get a different feel of academic campus experiences outside Pennsylvania.

The Center for Civic & Global Engagement was created through community partnerships near and far and thrives at offering opportunities for students to take service learning to a new level. After honing in on the types of community programs individual students are most interested in, whether it be working with community youth, the elderly or serving abroad – the opportunities allow students to have personal growth experiences outside the walkways of Widener campus life.

“It’s a taste of life beyond our campus through local community support, but also through international study abroad programs that truly impact their entire learning experience in new and fulfilling ways,” says Lombuso S. Khoza, executive director of the center.

The program offers high-impact activities that teach leadership skills, independence, and an appreciation for the world outside the walls of students’ comfort zone.

Civic engagement opportunities encourage students to volunteer for organizations focused on helping and advocating for underserved communities. With partner organizations throughout the local community, students get a feel for the experiences of others, how their lives are impacted, and how to help to build a stronger, more resilient community.

The study abroad program continues the influence of community impact in various partner programs throughout the world. Students do not have to be in any specific major in order to study abroad and all course work that is facilitated abroad is incorporated into their credits. Planning ahead is an important part of considering the study abroad program and scholarships are available to assist in the costs associated with abroad programs.

“Students who study abroad return with strong leadership and independence skills they explain they never knew they had until immersing into another country’s culture and community,” said Khoza. “We want as many students as possible to gain these critical skills as they pursue careers into the future.”

A campus health advisory committee is dedicated to ensuring the health and well-being of each and every traveling student, especially as COVID-19 continues. “Our protocols are in place and we have support for our students around the world. It’s an opportunity waiting to shape their future,” said Khoza.

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