Service Over Self! 

Service to others is more than just a nice thing to do. It inspires deep, lasting change. At Widener, we view civic engagement not from a charity model orientation, but with a focus on social justice. We continually build collaborative campus and community partnerships that further the university’s civic mission, while educating and empowering our students. From one-time participation, to long-term, sustained engagement within our scholarship programs, you can explore co-curricular activities that will develop your skills in critical thinking, collaboration, and socially responsible leadership. 

We support Widener University values of respect, integrity, and excellence as we work locally and globally to become engaged global leaders in our community.

Our Scholar’s Program is a cohort of scholarships managed in the Center. Together the Maguire Scholars, Bonner Leaders, and Pride Service Site Leaders participate in leadership training, peer-to-peer mentoring, and volunteering in the Chester community.

Our Scholar Leadership Team for the 2022-2023 Academic Year!

Ariana Hurtado-Day – Scholar Program President

Taylor Easter – Political Engagement Coordinator/Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Jenna Waldron – Peer Development Coordinator

Megan Brown – Events Coordinator

Kennedy Shaw – Student Volunteer Coordinator

Zora DeSeignora – Senior Coordinator

Arielle McRae – Junior Coordinator

Vincent Csercsevits – Sophomore Coordinator

Rachel Ocran – Sophomore Coordinator

Lillian Griffiths – Freshman Coordinator

Alicia Meyers – Freshman Coordinator

2022-2023 Community Partners


Boys & Girls Club of Chester

Chester Eastside

Chester Education Foundation

Chester Housing Authority

Elwyn Early Learning Center

Chester Senior Center

Chester Writer’s House

City Team

Generations of Destiny


Painting Freedom

Soccer for Success

Stetser Elementary School

Teacher Teammates

* If you are interested in becoming a community partner of the Scholar’s program, please reach out to LaShanda Patton at for more information on establishing a partnership with Widener University.

We also support the Integrated Professional Students Program!

The Integrated Professional Studies Program offers students with intellectual differences the opportunity to enroll in college and enjoy an authentic college experience. We are currently recruiting Undergraduate students interested in serving as mentors to these students for this upcoming semester.
Position responsibilities include,
  • Attend training and orientation (dates to be announced)
  • Meet with mentee weekly (at the discretion of mentee)
  • Assist students in progressing toward social and academic goals
  • Complete and submit peer mentor form after each meeting

Please contact Julie Heydeman at if you are interested in participating.

Integrated Professional Studies Program

Widener University provides students with intellectual disabilities the opportunity to experience college life in a meaningful, authentic way.


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