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If you have any questions, the Loans/Collection Office can be reached by emailing
Fax: 610-499-4575

University Loans Office Links

Federal Perkins Loan Exit Counseling

For tracking all your outstanding federal education loans during school and after graduation, borrowers can access the following website:

National Student Loan Data System

Managing Repayment of Federal Loans:
Repaying Your Federal Loans
Repayment Plans and Calculators
Repayment: How to Manage Your Loans  (YouTube video)
Repayment: What to Expect  (YouTube video)

Federal Loan Forgiveness Programs:
Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF)
Teacher Loan Forgiveness

Loan Dispute Resources:
Federal Student Aid Loan Ombudsman Group (Federal Loans)
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (Private Loans)

University Loan Office Information and Forms

Nurse Faculty Loan Program Reference Sheet
NFLP Cancellation Postponement
NFLP Cancellation
NFLP Postponement
Nurse Undergraduate Loan Reference Sheet
Nurse Graduate Loan Reference Sheet
Success Loan Reference Sheet
Perkins DL Loan Disability Discharge Form.pdf
Perkins Loan Borrower Rights and Responsibilities.pdf
Perkins Loan Cancellation Letter from Employer.pdf
Perkins Loan Cancellation Request Form.pdf
Perkins Loan Deferment Form.pdf
Perkins Loan MPN Addendum September 2009.pdf
Perkins Loan Online Exit Counseling Reference Sheet.pdf
Perkins Loan Reference Form.pdf
Perkins-DL Military Deferment Request Form-after 2001.pdf
UAS Financial Arrangement Request Form