Tadpoles App

Tadpoles Application

Widener Child Development Center utilizes Tadpoles to help engage both parents and the learning community within the center. Parents will check students in and out for the day using the Tadpoles® phone application which is available for both androids and iPhone’s. Tadpoles® allows for real time communication between the center’s administrators, child’s teacher, and parents through a two communication feature.  the center’s administrators and teachers and parents communicate freely through a two way communication feature.

Updates are private and secure
We know that nothing is more important to a parent than the security of their children and their children’s information. That is why we ensured the system we selected allows safe and secure sharing from provider to parent.

Keep Up To Date On Your Child’s Progress
What did your child do today? Now you will always know. For primary caregivers, email is our primary means of communication to ensure everyone receives information related to the center that is clear and timely. Email allows everyone to play a shared video, see photos, and reply right back to the director. Photos and videos of your child’s day give you insight into their experiences within the center and daily reports keep you informed, putting you at ease while you’re at work.

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