Learning Environment & Partnerships

Our School

A Nurturing Community for Young Learners

At the Widener Child Development Center (CDC), students have unique opportunities being part of the Widener University Community.

The Widener CDC provides learning experience for Widener University Students with majors in Education, Social Work, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language, Nursing, Clinical Psychology & Humanities. These university students provide additional supports to our young learners.

Widener CDC learners have over 110 acres of Widener University to learn, explore, and enjoy.

The Child Development Center approach to learning is, in keeping with Widener’s values, about nurturing a child’s intellectual, emotional, social, and physical development, as well as their individual creative skills. With our staff of certified teachers with M.ED, teacher assistants, future teacher candidates, and faculty members, we encourage learning through exploration and celebration of the arts.

Early Learning Curriculum

The Child Development Center uses the Pennsylvania Early Learning Standards as a foundation in designing and presenting daily lessons/units for the young children at the center. The faculty uses the standards as a guide in planning and presenting the curriculum. The teachers use a variety of curriculum programs to meet the individual needs of our children. Some of the curriculum programs include the Creative Curriculum, Kid Writing, and Sadlier -Oxford Phonics Program, and Sadlier – Oxford Progress in Mathematics Program. The teachers use I.C.P.S. Interpersonal Cognitive Problem Solving Program (I Can Problem Solve). This program teaches children thinking skills that can be used to help resolve or prevent problems between themselves and other people.

Parent-Teacher Partnership

Communication between parents, family members and teachers is essential to maintain a comfortable and nurturing environment for the children. If you have any questions about our program, an event or situation, please contact us. Please utilize the teachers as a source of information regarding your child’s day. The staff members are available each day, through emails and/or phone contact.

Delaware County & Chester Partnerships

Our location in Chester, Delaware County allows us to partner with clinics, libraries, and other childcare providers in the area. We work with the Chester Community Clinic, a physical and occupational therapy clinic, to provide support for our students. The Chester Childcare Alliance allows us to connect with other childcare and daycare centers in the area to share resources and advice. Our partnership with the Delco Public Libraries allows us to get free resources and encourage families to visit their local libraries.






Shining Stars 

Ms. Tara & Ms. Haley

Welcome to the Shining Stars Class! In our classroom, we believe the children learn best through a hands on approach. We select developmentally appropriate themes and activities that stretch across the curriculum… language and literacy, math, science, fine motor, social/emotional skills, gross motor, art and music.

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Busy Bees

Ms. Jara & Ms. Sharay

Welcome to the Busy Bees Class!

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Ms. Trisha 

Welcome to the Kinderbears Class!

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