Student Technology FAQs

Explore our frequently asked questions for information about technology at Widener University.

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Technology Support Available

Is technology support available 24/7?

Yes! Widener provides 24/7 technology support available by phone or our online ticketing system called QuickTicket or calling 610-499-1047. We also offer 24/7 Canvas support available from within the Canvas website.


Can I get technology support in-person?

Yes! We provide in-person technology support located at what we call the Technology Support Center (TSC). The TSC is located on the main floor of Wolfgram Memorial Library on Chester’s campus.


What if I just need to reset my password?

To keep password issues quick and easy, we offer a password self-service portal so you can manage and reset your own password. Visit our Password Self-Service portal.


I’m brand new to Widener. How can I make sure I have the right technology?

Visit our Student Technology Checklist and see step by step how to make sure you have the technology you need. Also use the checklist to get everything set up ahead of time so you are ready to go on your first day of classes.



Computer and Software

Do I need a specific type of computer?

It is recommended to have a Windows 11 laptop or MacBook capable of running the latest version of MacOS. We do not recommend using a Chromebook. iPads are also compatible with our learning platforms. Any device used needs to have a webcam and be Wi-Fi enabled.

You should also make sure to check that the web browser you use is up to date.

NOTE: Some degree programs may have specific computer requirements based on software needs so prior to making any purchases, please contact your specific department.


Do I need to purchase Microsoft Office?

No! Once you join the Widener Pride, you are provided with a free Microsoft Office 365 license to use while a student. This allows you to use Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and more either online or by downloading the desktop applications. This is a savings of up to $150! Instructions for downloading Microsoft Office.


Are computers and printers available on campus?

Yes! Widener’s Wolfgram Memorial Library has open desktop computers available for use during the library’s operating hours. Other  academic buildings have computer labs with varying hours of availability. Widener also offers Windows or Mac laptops for short-term loan through a Laptops to Loan (L2L) Program at the library.

Printers and copiers are available for use across campus and students are allocated a printing credit each semester. For information about printer locations and print funds, visit the library’s guide for printing on campus.


Are there any technology discounts available?

Yes! Widener has partnered with a number of companies to offer students discounts on hardware, software, and accessories. Explore all discount offers for potentially hundreds of dollars of savings.


Access to Wireless and Wired Internet

Where is wireless internet available on campus?

High-bandwidth Wi-Fi is available across campus, in all building and residence halls, as well as many outdoor spaces. Learn more about wireless network options.


Is the wireless internet secure?

Yes! Widener University takes the security of your devices and data seriously. All devices must be registered with Client Experience (Helpdesk) in order to connect. If you need assistance with registering a device, fill out a QuickTicket.


Is wired internet available on campus?

If needed, most Widener University buildings are also equipped with high speed wired network connections although it is recommended to connect to the wireless network when possible.


Can I connect my game console to the wireless internet?

Yes! We have a dedicated network for gaming consoles. You will need to first register your console in order for it to connect. If you need assistance with registering a device, fill out a QuickTicket.


Can guests connect to the wireless internet?

Yes! Guests can register for temporary access to Widener’s wireless network. Learn more  about our wireless network options.


Learning & Information Platforms

How can I access and search for Widener related information?

Our information portal called myWidener is where you can access academic, financial, and residence information. This will be your go-to website for all Widener related information. For assistance with myWidener, fill out a QuickTicket.


What is Canvas?

Widener uses Canvas as a learning management system for all of your courses. All courses will have an associated Canvas course, whether the course is in-person or online. For 24/7 Canvas assistance, access resources and support options by clicking the question mark icon in the bottom right corner of your Canvas pages.


What does Widener use for file storage and sharing?

We are a Microsoft school. All students are provided a Microsoft account for e-mail, OneDrive file storage and sharing, as well as Microsoft Office products.  You can access e-mail, your OneDrive, or other Microsoft products from myWidener or by logging in to Microsoft 365. For assistance with Microsoft products, fill out a QuickTicket.


What does Widener use for video conferencing?

All students are provided with a Zoom account through their Widener credentials. Any synchronous online classes and most virtual office hours will be done via Zoom.  Microsoft Teams is also utilized as an online chat or video conferencing platform. For assistance with either Zoom or Microsoft Teams, fill out a QuickTicket.


Are there specific mobile apps I should have?

While there are not any required apps for your mobile device, there are some that come highly recommended for an improved Widener experience.

  • Experience Widener: A virtual student engagement platform designed to make it easier for students to get involved and stay connected.
  • Canvas Student: Stay on top of your grades, course announcements, and interact with your courses with the Canvas app for mobile devices.
  • GrubHub: Our retail dining options on campus offer mobile ordering solutions through the GrubHub app.
  • TELUS Health: A free, confidential 24/7 virtual counseling service for Widener’s students on the Chester campus for immediate and short-term mental health and well-being needs.
  • Microsoft Outlook: Access your Widener e-mail from your mobile device so you do not miss important communications.
  • Microsoft Lens: Digitize printed or handwritten text and send it directly to your OneDrive, making submitting handwritten assignments or saving notes on a whiteboard significantly easier.
  • Microsoft Authenticator: An easier approach to multi-factor authentication than getting texts or phone calls. Get into your account quicker with the Authenticator app.