Community Engagement Outreach

Community Outreach is central to the STC’s mission. We have worked on a variety of initiatives to engage the community in STEM Education. Currently, the Community Engaged Teacher Education program (for early childhood, elementary, and special education candidates) uses scientific inquiry as an organizing feature and culminates in a community STEM Fair where children demonstrate their learning with the help of their teacher candidates. Each summer we run the Next Generation Scientists Camp followed by Saturday Academies throughout the academic year for local secondary education programs. We are currently working on a variety of family activities like STEM Career Day. Our partnership with Delaware Valley Earth Force highlights environmental issues that many students and their communities encounter. Similarly, our partnership with EnvironMentors provides additional opportunities for students to engage in leadership roles and to develop critical environmental research skills.

Field trips for Local Classrooms – Mini field trips to the STC can include investigations in life, earth and space science, physical science, chemistry; and sustainability science led by a team of scientists and educators in these fields. While you are there, you get a chance to meet our red-eared slider named Squirt. You and your students can schedule a visit to our Observatory and get a tour by our astronomer. You can visit and do a dissection with biologists or do experiments with our chemists. Since Widener acquired the Taylor Arboretum in 2016, additional field trip topics can be identified and developed with our STC staff to match classroom and curricular needs.

Professional Development for Teachers Faculty from Widener’s Science, Math, Engineering, and Education departments collaborate to create an interdisciplinary approach to PD that allows new and practicing teachers to understand STEM content while also learning best practices in pedagogy that include inquiry-based learning and community

Online Lessons – The STC also provides online lessons along with a repository of resources and professional organizations for science