Delaware Valley Earth Force, STEM, and the STC

Earth Force: Empowering Youth to Drive Environmental Change

Welcome to Earth Force, an STC STEM Outreach partnership that is dedicated to fostering the active citizenship of young people while addressing critical environmental issues. Earth Force is a dynamic non-profit organization that collaborates with businesses, schools, and community-based organizations across the nation. Our mission is to empower young individuals to become catalysts for positive change in both their local environments and communities.

Engaging Youth as Active Citizens

Earth Force offers young people invaluable hands-on experiences, enabling them to hone essential civic skills, acquire and apply environmental knowledge, and cultivate the motivation to emerge as lifelong leaders committed to addressing pressing environmental challenges.

The CAPS Approach: Fostering Problem Solvers

At the heart of Earth Force lies our unique approach known as Community Action Problem Solving, or CAPS. This six-step process equips youth with the tools and mindset needed to take effective action within their communities. In 2018, both graduate and undergraduate students collaborated with local fourth graders to investigate a wide array of issues, such as water pollution, soil quality, waste management, and innovative gardening solutions to combat their community’s food desert problem.

Delaware Valley Earth Force and STC Collaboration

Originally established as Delaware Valley Earth Force, our STEM Outreach partnership with STC has thrived in the pursuit of educating elementary and middle school students about environmental issues in their neighborhoods. Our primary objective is to nurture thoughtful problem solvers while providing teacher candidates with valuable opportunities to practice their science teaching skills in a service learning context.

Transition to Environmental Action Civics

Earth Force has evolved to embrace Environmental Action Civics, an innovative educational approach. This approach encourages youth to collaborate with adults, identify local environmental issues, and engage with community members to advocate for systemic changes in policies and practices. We are dedicated to preparing youth, particularly those from historically marginalized communities, to actively participate in local environmental decision-making both now and in the future.


Earth Force is committed to igniting the passion for environmental stewardship in today’s youth. By providing them with the tools, knowledge, and motivation needed to make a difference, we are shaping a brighter future for our planet and empowering the leaders of tomorrow. Join us on this remarkable journey of environmental education, civic engagement, and positive change-making.