Purposeful Academic Objectives

Action Items

To develop human resources, enhance science curriculum, enhance community engagement, promote scholarship, and increase material resources for science education.

The following initiatives are in progress to support the mission of the Science Teaching Center:

  • Earth Force partners with Widener University and Children from the City of Chester
    Delaware Valley Earth Force and Widener University have been working together to educate middle school students at Widener Partnership Charter School (WPCS), Stetser Elementary School, and Drexel Neumann Academy about environmental issues in their neighborhood. The goal of this partnership is to teach middle school students to become thoughtful problem solvers while giving teacher candidates the opportunity to practice their science teaching skills in a service learning context.
  • Next Generation Scientists Summer Camp
    Widener’s Next Generation Scientists Summer Mini-Camp was the perfect place for budding scientists of high school age to explore subjects as diverse as biochemistry, biology, computer science, environmental science, geology, meteorology, and physics and astronomy. The program involved direct scientific experimentation and discovery. It also provided a unique opportunity to meet with college faculty who are also professional scientists, along with Widener undergraduate science majors.
  • Research and Implementation of Professional Development to Improve Environmental Education in Elementary Schools
    Dr. Nadine McHenry is continuing her research efforts to explore professional development opportunities for teachers that will lead to the incorporation of environmental education into their classroom.
  • EnvironMentors Program
    The EnvironMentors program assists in the development of student leadership as they work alongside professionals and academics from Widener University. STEM Academy students conduct research related to solving environmental issues and reduce the impact of human activities on environmental quality that.