Who is the Science Teaching Center (STC)

Nadine McHenry, Ed.D., is a highly experienced professional in the field of science education. As the director of the Science Teaching Center, she has dedicated her career to promoting effective teaching and learning in science. With a wealth of knowledge and expertise, Dr. McHenry has been actively involved in various educational settings since 1981.

Throughout her career, Dr. McHenry Ed.D. has taught science in both formal and non-formal settings, making a significant impact on comprehension and appreciation of the given subject for pre-K – 16 STEM students. She has worked in several different elementary schools in Delaware County, where she has inspired young minds and fostered a love for science. Additionally, she has contributed to the educational initiatives of esteemed institutions such as the Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education and the Franklin Institute Museum in Philadelphia.

One of Dr. McHenry’s notable contributions lies in her dedication to providing professional development experiences to science teachers. She has empowered hundreds of educators in the Delaware Valley region by sharing her expertise and insights. Dr. McHenry’s presentations, conducted at local and national levels, cover a range of crucial topics in science education. These include inquiry-based teaching and learning, interdisciplinary teaching and learning, standards-based science curricula, and alternative assessment in science classrooms. She equips teachers with innovative approaches and academic strategies to enhance their students’ educational experience. Dr. McHenry assembled all these resources and founded the Science Teaching Center (STC).

As guided by its Vision, The Science Teaching Center benefits from the expertise and collaboration of faculty members from various departments within Widener University. The advisory committee (bottom) includes representatives from the Center for Education, College of Arts and Sciences, and School of Engineering. This multidisciplinary approach ensures a comprehensive and holistic perspective in the development of STEM/STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) education resources and programs.

The Science Teaching Center offers an extensive range of resources to support educators in science and STEM/STEAM education. These resources cover various aspects, including hands-on science experiments and activities, interactive lesson plans, teaching resources, content for teachers, curricula, and engaging projects. The aim is to equip teachers with the necessary tools and materials to create dynamic and engaging learning environments for their students.

Professional development is a key focus of the Science Teaching Center. The STC advances its Mission by offering training, workshops, and seminars, the center empowers educators with research-based practices and strategies for effective science and STEM/STEAM teaching. Through these initiatives, Dr. McHenry and her team strive to enhance student engagement in science classrooms, providing teachers with the skills and knowledge to create meaningful learning experiences.

Furthermore, the Science Teaching Center acknowledges the importance of collaboration and support from external organizations that promote science and STEM/STEAM education. They actively engage with organizations that share a similar vision and work towards a common goal of advancing educational opportunities in these fields.

University-based science teaching centers like the one directed by Dr. McHenry play a vital role in advancing science and STEM/STEAM education. These centers serve as hubs for educational research, innovation, and collaboration. By leveraging the resources and expertise available at universities, they contribute to the development of effective teaching practices, curricula, and educational programs.

As science and STEM/STEAM education continue to grow in importance, there is an increasing demand for specialized programs and degrees in these fields. The Science Teaching Center recognizes this need and actively supports science and STEM/STEAM education programs and degrees offered by universities. By collaborating with academic institutions, they contribute to the development of future educators who are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to inspire the next generation of scientists and innovators.

Under the leadership of Nadine McHenry, Ed.D., the Science Teaching Center is dedicated to advancing science and STEM/STEAM education through their extensive range of resources, professional development initiatives, and collaborations with external organizations. By focusing on research-based practices, enhancing student engagement, and providing valuable support to educators, they are making a significant impact on science education at both local and national levels.

Advisory Committee

Members of the advisory committee include faculty from Widener University’s Center for Education, College of Arts of Sciences, and School of Engineering. Current membership and Teaching Staff Lesson Publishers includes the following Widener Faculty members:

Bruce Grant, Ph.D. Meghan Klems, Ph. D.
Andrea Martin, Ph.D Stephen Madigosky, Ed.D.
Eamonn Tweedy, Ph.D. Dana Olanoff, Ph.D.
Zora Wolfe, Ph.D. Itzick Vatnick, Ph.D.
Andrew Owens, Ph.D.