Professional Development

Professional Development Science/STEM/STEAM Education opportunities are offered to local school district personnel to improve teachers’ understanding of both scientific content and pedagogy that is consistent with inquiry-based learning as well as Constructivist theory. Over the last several years, a cohort of elementary and middle school teachers participated in sustained professional development that focused on the importance of accurate science content provided by WU scientists, the effectiveness of inquiry and its basis in constructivist learning theory provided by WU’s Center for Education, and the use of new STEELS standards (PA Science, Technology, and Engineering, Environmental Literacy & Sustainability). This work continues into the 23/24 academic year.

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In the past, STC staff provided other on-going multi-year professional development program that resulted in publication of the following: McHenry, N., Borger, L., Liable-Sands, L. (2017). A novel approach to professional development in middle school science: Instructional coaching by university professors to improve the instructional core. Journal of Curriculum and Teaching, 6(2), 59-74.

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