Programs and Degrees

Science Teaching Programs and Degrees

Student Experience

As a Widener student, you will join education, science, and engineering faculty members and gain hands-on experience working collaboratively to conduct research alongside science faculty and provide teaching and learning experiences for local K-12 school students.

Through the STC, you will gain the types of field experiences that will place you on the inside track to professional success.

Early Childhood & Special Education

Secondary Education

Certification Programs

Early Childhood and Special Education (preK – 4)
The early childhood and special education program is designed to help teacher candidates learn how to apply inquiry based teaching methods in science as well as other subject matter areas. An interdisciplinary 5E model is used to teach science content while using children’s literature to make these science concepts come alive for young children. While teacher candidates use hands-on activities in the engage, explore, explain, expand, and evaluate phases of this model, they also select children’s literature to support their students’ science learning.

Field-based Experiences and Student Teaching
Field experiences in local schools are an important part of the preparation for future teachers. Therefore, all education courses contain a field experience component that students must complete. Required field experiences involve observing and participating in a variety of school-related tutoring activities. Perhaps the most important reason for having field experiences is to allow students to confirm, through actually working in schools, whether or not they want to pursue a career in education.

Secondary Education Programs
Students can pursue secondary education teacher certification in biology, chemistry, earth and space science, mathematics, and physics.

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