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Welcome to Health Science News.

For our current and incoming students, we hope this keeps you informed and gets you excited about where we are going.  For prospective students, take a look and please reach out to Graduate Admissions with specific questions.  For alumni, here is how are programs are growing and we hope this brings some happy memories.  For our clinical partners, here is a snapshot into what is happening on our campus.  For the broader Widener community, we look forward to welcoming you into these new spaces.

Academic Center North is being renovated to create an interprofessional classroom and laboratory space for 4 health science programs.  Students in Physical Therapy (PT), Occupational Therapy (OT), Speech Language Pathology (SLP), and Physician Assistant will be learning side-by-side.  Six classrooms, four labs, and a cadaver lab are the learning spaces.  There are also student lounges, “huddle” rooms for small groups, a conference room, and an administrative suite for the 4 Program Directors, the Associate Dean, and support staff.

Learn about the Phase I construction in Academic Center North.

Learn about the plans for Phase II construction in Academic Center North.

  • Photos from February 5 – Construction continues with focus on wiring and ventilation.
  • Photos from March 3 – more framing and dry wall completed.  Bathroom tile started.
  • Photos from March 29 – Framing looks done.  Most drywall now complete with next steps being paint, floor prep, and drop ceilings.  First floor bathrooms are now complete so those working in the Admin suite are excited.
  • Photos from April 20 – Drywall completed throughout.  Most areas are painted.  Grid for drop ceiling done in most areas with lights and fire alarms done.  Ceiling ventilation is in process throughout.  Built-in cabinets and floors being installed now.  Lockers have arrived and ready for install.
  • Photos from May 9 – This was a quick walk through of the second floor only and with limited pictures. Steps had new treads and the railing was being painted.  More flooring and built-ins done.  AV equipment was being installed in the musculoskeletal/physical assessment lab.
  • The Final Stages – Week of May 23 – Down to the last week before we are supposed to be “in.”  Lots happening this week.

The Chester Community Clinic will expand for additional interprofessional services.  See the plans for Melrose Hall.

  • If you would like to make a gift to the Chester Community Clinic, you may do so HERE.  Select Experiential Learning the Chester Community Clinic.  Thank you!

So what is next for Cottee Hall?

Here is a detailed Timeline of what has been done and future plans.

Want to see what our students are doing?  Take a look HERE.