MFA Setup Introduction

​​​​​​​Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is a security measure that Widener University is implementing in Microsoft 365 to help protect personal, university and student data from being compromised. ​​​​

Similar to security codes that you may receive when logging into your financial & personal accounts, you will receive a text message, call to your phone, or confirmation request through the Microsoft Authenticator app that is installed on your phone.  When you log into your Microsoft 365 account, you will be prompted for an MFA action depending on the device setup that you choose below.

How to setup your device for MFA:
Community mandatory MFA enforcement begins May 13th:

Setup your Phone for MFA
  Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs
  iPhone App Setup (recommended)
  Android App Setup (recommended)
  Text Verification Non-App Setup
(Can be used by Flip Phones, iPhones, or Android.)
  "Call Me" Non-App Setup (No Mobile Phone )
Where do I modify my MFA authentication settings?