Electronic Equipment Disposal (E-Waste)

“E-Waste”, “electronic waste”, and “e-scrap” are terms used to describe used electronics that are nearing the end of their useful life, and are disposed, donated, or given to a recycler. E-Waste includes unwanted computers, monitors, televisions, audio equipment, printers, laptops, fax machines, telephones, and other electronic equipment. Toner and ink cartridges for printers should also be recycled.

As of January 23, 2013 the state of Pennsylvania has banned the disposal of electronic waste for businesses, organizations, and consumers. Computer electronics must be recycled under the ban. Widener University is dedicated to the responsible removal of all recyclable material on campus. The Information and Technology Services Department is specifically committed to the recycling of all electronic devices on campus.

When electronic equipment breaks or becomes obsolete, it must be properly disposed of or recycled. This electronic equipment may contain heavy metals and other materials that can be hazardous to human health and the environment. To ensure that unwanted electronic equipment from Widener is managed in accordance with EPA requirements, no electronic equipment should be placed in the trash, even if it is broken.

ITS has become aware of people contacting maintenance to remove their old and obsolete technology. While this seems the logical thing to do, it puts ITS at a disadvantage when trying to manage inventory. All equipment must be accounted for, no matter the age!

Another potential problem is with data loss if files and contact information are not properly removed or deleted. Users should remove all data and contact information from mobile and personal devices. ITS will wipe all Widener owned hard drives.

Request a pickup online via QuickTicket or request a pickup by calling ITS at 610-499-1047.

Who can request service:
This service is available to Widener University Faculty and Staff.
For further assistance please contact the CX Team for your campus: Chester, Delaware, or Harrisburg. (Edit contact information as needed)