New Account Lookup

If you do not know you Widener University Login ID open a Web browser and go to Password Self-Service (PSS) and complete the following steps.

    Click Login ID Lookup

  1. Type you 7-digit University ID number and click Continue
  2. Select the option to have a verification code sent to your personal email address or your mobile phone number and click Continue (If this is the first time using the system you will not have a phone option available but will be able to enter one later. If the email option is also not available please contact the CX Team for assistance.)
  3. Click here when you have received your code
  4. Type the verification code, your University ID number, and click Next
  5. Type and confirm your new password and click Next (note the guidelines for passwords as they have changed)
  6. You should then see an Account Activation screen as well as your University login ID
  7. Return to the main Password Self Service page. Type you Login ID and password and click Login to edit your profile
  8. You will be able to set answers to challenge questions and enter a mobile phone number for text messaging
  9. For further assistance please call the CX Team for your campus
Who can request service:
Members of the Widener University community including Students, Faculty and Staff.
For further assistance please contact the CX Team for your campus: Chester, Delaware, or Harrisburg.