Reset Your Password

Widener University account holders can reset their passwords from the Password Self Service (PSS) site on their computers or mobile devices, even if they have forgotten it or it has expired. The user will be required to enter their seven-digit University ID number if they are resetting a forgotten password via text/email.

Resetting a forgotten or expired password

There are two ways to reset a forgotten or expired password using Password Self Service (PSS): answer the security questions that were established during account activation or request a one-time password via text/email. Both of these can be accessed at the PSS site from a mobile device or computer.

Via Security Questions

Select the “Password Reset via Security Questions” option from PSS, provide the University login ID (the first part of the email address without the “”), and correctly answer the security questions. Then create the new password.

Via Text/Email

Select the “Password Reset via Text/Email” option from PSS, and provide the seven-digit University ID number. Then choose where to send the one-time user password: the mobile number or personal email on record.  

If the “Mobile phone” option is not available, the mobile number can be added once the password is reset by logging into the Account Profile; see below.

If the “personal email on record” is also blank, contact the ITS CX Team at 610-499-1047 to assist with the password reset.  

Once “Send a One-Time Use Password” is selected, a short “One-Time Password Sent” message and a message to click here when the password is received will appear. Depending on the method chosen, the five-digit password and a link to PSS will be sent via email (from to the personal email on record OR a text message to the mobile number on record.  

After returning to PSS and using the five-digit password to log in, a new password will need to be created.  

Password Criteria
Widener passwords must have at least:

  • 9 characters
  • 1 upper case letter
  • 1 lower case letter
  • 1 numeric character
  • 1 special character (excluding space)
  • Previous passwords, temporary passwords, and common Widener terms are prohibited

Changing passwords and updating profiles

From a mobile device or computer, log into Password Self Service (PSS) at any time to change the current password, change/add a mobile number, or update Security Answers.  

Adding your mobile phone to your Account Profile:

From a mobile device or computer, log into Password Self Service (PSS), click Edit Profile, then enter the mobile number, and click Save. One-time use passwords can then be sent to the provided mobile number via text.

Who can request service:
Members of the Widener University community including Students, Faculty and Staff.
For further assistance please contact the CX Team for your campus: Chester, Delaware, or Harrisburg.