Asset Management

Asset Management (AM) is Widener University’s annual computer replacement project.  AM Computers are usually replaced on a 4-year cycle, which is aligned with the computer’s warranty coverage. The general rule for computers that are replaced through AM is that the computer is assigned to a full-time, non-adjunct position. The first computer purchase for a newly created position needs to be made by the school, college, or department to which that position belongs; replacement of that computer then falls under AM moving forward.
Inventory sheets of all the computers on record for the different schools, colleges, and department are sent to the Deans and department heads for review. This is usually done towards the end of the calendar year, but no later than the end of January.  Those we send the inventory sheets to should share them with the Associate Deans, Department Chairs, and/or key supervisors to verify the inventory and report any changes by the requested deadlines. 
While it is important to review the list of what is up for replacement that year, a review of the “Current Inventory” is also crucial to our planning and budget for future years. Accurate inventory is critical, not just for AM but also for Risk Management.
Asset Management is scheduled around Bridge Week each year, normally around the end of Aril to the middle of May. The last week of replacements line up with Bridge Week and begin two weeks prior to that.  The reasons for this timing is to ensure that the lab and classrooms will be accessible (no scheduled classes), that computers can be replaced for faculty who aren’t on campus in the summer, and that funding for the project can be established.
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Who can request service:
Widener University Faculty and Staff.
For further assistance please contact the CX Team for your campus: Chester, Delaware, or Harrisburg.