Commonwealth Law Student Information


The following information is provided to students and provides useful information to get you going at Widener Commonwealth Law School.

Important Phone Numbers and Links

Widener University Account Information

  • The Admissions Office will contact you through the email address you entered in your application. This message will contain your Widener ID Number.
  • Once your Widener account has been created, you will receive another email from Information Technology Services. This message will contain instructions on how to activate your Widener account.
  • You may receive your Widener ID Number well before your Widener account has been created.
  • If your email address has changed, you should contact the Admissions Office or the Registrar’s Office immediately to change it.
  • You should also “whitelist” for your email account.
  • If you have any problems or questions please call the Client Experience Office at 717-541-1927 for assistance.
  • Your Widener ID number can be found on your ID card.
  • Your Widener user name is the name part of your Widener email address.
  • Note that your Widener account will be deactivated 3 semesters following graduation

Multi-Factor Authentication

Widener University enforces Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) as an added layer of security. MFA is used when accessing University resources from off-campus. When you sign into Office 365/WUMail from an off-campus computer you will be prompted to configure MFA for your account.


The University uses myWidener, which is a Web-based community and information portal. You’ll get your e-mail, keep your calendars, and find out about upcoming events. You’ll also access Web Advisor, so you can view, in a secure site, your anonymous number, which will be required for exams.
myWidener can be accessed through the Law School home page ( by clicking on myWidener at the bottom of the web page or by going directly to

Information on using myWidener can be found at

Microsoft Office 365 Access

  • Open a Web browser and go to
  • Type your Widener user ID (jdoe) and your password.
  • The first time you login you will be prompted to select the time zone.
  • Outlook will open on the screen.

Microsoft Office Download for Home Use

Microsoft Office 365 is available to students and employees by logging into WUMail. Instructions on how to download can be found by going to the ITS Blog at and searching for Microsoft Office 365. You may install Office 365 on up to five devices. Note that use of Office 365 will end once your Widener account is deactivated.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a “chat” application that may be used by instructors to communicate with you and your class. You may also use Teams to communicate with other students.

  • Login to Office 365.
  • Click the App Launcher icon at the top left.
  • Click Teams.
  • Teams will open.

Microsoft Teams App

For better performance, please download the Teams App.

  • Click the Download desktop app icon at the bottom of the left-hand column.
  • The App will install.
  • Type your complete Widener email address (; click Sign in.
  • Type your password; click Sign in.

Wi-Fi Access

Wireless Internet access is currently available in all student areas of the Library Building, Side Bar, and the Administration Building.

Instructions for accessing the WU-SECURE wireless network can be found by signing into your myWidener portal and searching for “wireless.” If you need any assistance, please come to the ITS Office located on the second floor of the Library Building.

Widener Service Catalog

A list and descriptions of service provided by Information Technology Services can be found at

Widener University Alert System

Register to receive weather and other alerts at

Personal Computer Recommendations

ITS does not have specific hardware or software recommendations concerning computers. Normally, most computers purchased in the last 2-3 years meet minimum specifications. Please contact the Registrar’s Office for specific requirements for Examplify. Widener’s purchasing discounts are extended to students. For information regarding what discounts are available go to and choose a link for “Discounts and Free Offers”.

Most computers come with Microsoft Windows 11 Home Edition as the operating system. This is fine as you can always upgrade to Pro later if needed. Some will come with version “Windows 11 Home S”. The “S” means it is secure and you can only install apps from the Microsoft Store. This is easily changed to the full Home operating system.

The Office 365 suite and are available for FREE for all Widener faculty, staff, and students.


Examplify is administered and supported through the Registrar’s Office. If you have questions about Examplify please contact the Registrar’s Office which is located in the Administration Building.

Westlaw and LexisNexis

If you have questions about or need account information for Westlaw or LexisNexis please contact the Reference Librarians in the Legal Information Center.

LinkedIn Learning

ITS provides all students and employees with access to LinkedIn Learning which has courses on Microsoft Office applications as well as dozens of other topics. A link can be found under All Apps when you login to WUMail. Use your Widener University ID and password to register.

Computer Lab Information

A computer lab is provided for students to use on the second floor of the Library Building near the Pit. There are also several computers throughout the Library for student use. These computers have Microsoft Office 2019 as well as various web browsers (Edge, Chrome, and Firefox). As in the Library, food and drink are not permitted. Please keep in mind that the Lab is a place of study and students are asked to be considerate of others.

There are two laptop stations in the second floor computer lab. These stations allow you to connect your laptop to a large monitor with either a VGA or HDMI connector. There is also a USB charging port available at each station. Unfortunately, ITS is unable to accommodate other types of video connections.

Logging Into Lab Computers

To sign in to the lab computers you are required to have a Widener University login ID and password. Please take the time to activate your account through the Password Self-Service Web site at There is also a link on the login screen of myWidener. Activating your account allows you to reset your account password at a later date if you forget your password.

Students should not save anything to the hard drives of the lab computers as any files saved will be erased immediately upon rebooting the PC. ITS encourages students to save files to a USB drive or cloud storage such as, Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive.

ITS Computer Lab Operating Hours

ITS does not staff the computer lab but it is primarily open the same hours as the Law Building. Hours may change due to holidays or special circumstances but will almost always follow the posted library hours. Hours may change between academic sessions, during final exams, and due to holidays or special circumstances.

Computer Lab Printing

In order to print from the computers or make copies from the copy machines located in the Law Library and the 2nd floor Computer Lab, students must have a Widener ID card. Funds can be added to your ID card by following the instructions on the card machine located in the copy room in the Law Library. As you enter the copy room in the Law Library, the card machine is located to your left. The charge for copying or printing is $0.08 per page. For assistance, see the Library Information Desk.

Computers in the Library and Computer Lab will have a desktop shortcut to Simply sign in with your Widener User ID and upload your documents. Web pages and other source material must be copied to a Microsoft Word document or text file before printing.

LexisNexis provides some free printing in the Law School for students to print their research from their website. Student representatives and the library reference staff are responsible for maintaining and answering any questions regarding these printers and the associated software.

Classroom Technology Use

Classrooms are configured to support instructional activities. Students and student groups are permitted to use the classrooms and technology when classes are not being held. There are network and projector connections available for laptop use through the podium. ITS asks that you do not unplug or move equipment. This is very important as disruptions to scheduled classes may result. If you need to move the podium in A180, please contact Brian Fearnbaugh for assistance.

Laptops to Loan (L2L) Program Policy

Loaner laptops are now available for checkout from the Commonwealth Law Client Experience Office. At this time, only Windows laptops are available. Laptops have Microsoft Office 2019 installed as well as several Web browsers. A carrying case and charger are included. A loaner laptop can be requested by visiting the Laptops to Loan (L2L) Program Policy page.